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Starter Information

Here is some key information for all new starters.

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Arrival at Pre-School

The gates for the Pre-School will be open for arrival at 9.05am.  If you arrive after this time (or if you are collecting your child before the session ends), please go to the kitchen door in the car park and use the doorbell.

Departure from Pre-School

Children must be collected by 12.05pm, 1.00pm if they are staying for Lunch Club and 3.15pm if they are attending an afternoon session on a Tuesday or Thursday.  We reserve the right to charge a fee if you are late collecting your child.  If someone else is collecting your child, please inform us and ensure that the person collecting knows the password that you provided on your starter documentation.


Please inform us if your child is unable to attend a session.  Either telephone our Pre-School Secretary on 07951 801574 or email: [email protected]

Health and Safety

  • Mobile phones and cameras must not be used in the Pre-School at any time.
  • Please do not let siblings play on our equipment, as we cannot be responsible for any accidents.
  • Pushchairs cannot be left in the Pre-School or outside area.

Car Parking

The Village Hall car park is very busy at the beginning and end of the Pre-School session.  Please park considerately, allowing people to be able to manoeuvre safely.  Please do not block the entrance/exit to the Village Hall and also do not block the fire exits at the side. Please remember that this is a car park and that children need to be supervised at all times.  Icknield Close is also available for parking.

Items to bring to Pre-School Every Day

  • A named bottle, containing plain water only
  • Book bag
  • Spare set of clothes in the events of accidents etc.

Please ensure that all of your child’s belongings, including their Pre-School uniform, coats and back packs are clearly labelled with your child’s name.  Please do not send your child to Pre-School in their best clothes as the children are involved in all kinds of play from messy to outdoor.  To encourage independence in self-care, we advise the children wear clothes with elasticated waists and simple fastenings. 


Although it is not compulsory, children may wear the Pre-School uniform which consists of a red polo shirt, a red jumper and a red book bag. You can purchase these items by contacting Stephanie, our Pre-School Secretary.

Warm Weather

When it is warm, your child will need to bring in a sun hat each day they attend and please ensure that you apply sunscreen before the session starts.

Nappies and Toilet Training

Please let us know if your child is in nappies or pull-ups and bring in nappies and wipes.  We will support your efforts when you choose to toilet train.

Dummies and Comforters

We understand that whilst your child is settling with us they may require the use of a dummy or comforter but are confident that after a settling in period they will not be necessary to be brought in.

Key Worker

Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who you will be introduced to on the first day at Pre-School.  The Key Worker will work closely with you and your child to build a positive relationship that makes your child feel safe and secure as they settle in giving them the confidence to participate and enjoy their time at Pre-School.

Parental Involvement

We have various visitors during the Pre-School year including Cookery Eatery, Toddler Tales & Move and Ark Farm.  We also have visits from the Police and Fire Service.  We would love to hear from you if you are able to come into Pre-School and talk to the children about your work or any skills or interests you have.


Please do not bring toys into Pre-School as this can cause upset when other children wish to play with them and they are also at risk of getting lost or broken.  Specific items for Show and Tell and the Letter of the Week (Butterfly room children only) are permitted.

Show and Tell – Butterfly Room Children

Show and Tell is on a Thursday each week and is the opportunity for your child to bring in something from home, which they can share with the other children.  All the children are encouraged to take part, even if they do not bring anything in.  Show and Tell helps with social interaction, gaining confidence and broadens speech and language. Follow our Facebook page for reminders of this week’s theme.

Letter of the Week – Butterfly Room Children

Your child may bring in something starting with the letter of the week and this item can remain at Pre-School until the last session your child is in that week.  This will help your child with phonic recognition and hearing the sound of the letter.

Show and Tell and Letter of the Week themes are notified at the beginning of each half term on our ‘What’s on in this term’ letter and also in weekly posts on our Facebook page.

Library Books – Butterfly Room Children

We have a wide range of books for the children to choose and bring home to share with you.  Please bring your child’s book bag in each day.

We encourage your involvement with the Pre-School and always welcome your comments and feedback.  We are always available if you have any worries or concerns and we also have the opportunity for you to talk to your child’s Key Worker during our parent consultation times which are held during the year.

Donate to Ickleford Pre-School

Registered charity number 1035315

As a registered charity, Ickleford Pre-School relies on the generosity of families and members of the community to help provide resources for our children’s learning. If you would like to donate, please use the Donate button to visit our donations page at Wonderful.org.