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Our Learning Approach


Individual Attention

At Ickleford Pre-School our friendly staff work hard to provide a supportive and stimulating environment. This allows each child to feel secure and reach his or her full potential. Each child has a nominated key worker who regularly updates the child’s Learning Journal. Our adult to child ratio ensures generous care and attention.

Tailored Care

The team recognises that each child is unique and that children develop at their own pace. We plan activities that cater for all children, but enable individual needs to be met. A flexible approach allows children to genuinely influence and choose activities. Children are encouraged to make their own decisions, within a safe and familiar structure that provides support and reassurance.

Respect & Responsibility

We uphold the core values of respect and responsibility for one another, and the environment, in everything we do. Children are encouraged to be kind towards each other and positive behaviour is reinforced at all times. Relationship building, conversation and sharing are essential to creating a positive and caring culture for our children and staff.

Encouraging Children

We encourage children to:

   •      develop lively, enquiring minds

   •      think creatively

   •      be independent and confident

Following these principles and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, we take great pleasure in watching the children discover and develop their abilities and friendships in these important formative years.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Ickleford Pre-School follows the strict welfare and safeguarding standards outlined by the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Our staff members receive regular training in safe-guarding, health and safety and child development matters.

Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking. EYFS highlights 7 areas of learning and development that must be targeted by all pre-schools through indoor and outdoor play.

The Key Areas of Learning


personal, social and emotional development;


communication and language;


physical development;






expressive arts and design;


understanding the world;


What Our Families are Saying

“This is a lovely setting. My shy daughter has blossomed into a sociable little girl, ready for school.

“My little boy started when he just turned two years old having just moved into the village. We were made to feel so welcome with his key worker helping him to settle quickly. He runs into pre-school now every morning.”

“My son really looks forward to going to pre-school. I like the way that the staff re-iterate the rules that we have at home such as to play with kind hands and to have good manners at the table when eating. He has a great friendship with all of the staff and other pre-schoolers and he talks about them at home all of the time!”

Donate to Ickleford Pre-School

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As a registered charity, Ickleford Pre-School relies on the generosity of families and members of the community to help provide resources for our children’s learning. If you would like to donate, please use the Donate button to visit our donations page at Wonderful.org.